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Snails have been eaten for thousands of years, beginning in the Pleistocene. They are especially abundant in Capsian sites in North Africa but are also found throughout the Mediterranean region in archaeological sites dating between 12,000 and 6,000 years ago. However, it should be noted that wild-caught land snails that are undercooked can harbor a parasite that may cause a rare kind of meningitis.Specialized snail caviar is also growing in popularity in European cuisine.

Helix pomatia, or edible snail, generally prepared in its shell, with parsley butter (size: 40 to 55 mm for an adult weight of 25 to 45 g.; typically found in Burgundy, France).
Helix aspersa:
-Helix aspersa aspersa also known as the European brown snail, is cooked in many different ways, according to different local traditions (size: 28 to 35 mm for an adult weight of 7 to 15 g.; typically found in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa and the French Atlantic coast).
-Helix aspersa maxima (size 40 to 45 mm for an average weight of 20 to 30 g.; typically found in North Africa).
In Sicily, snails (or babbaluci as they are commonly called in Sicilian) are a very popular dish as well. They are usually boiled with salt first, then served with tomato sauce or bare with oil, garlic and parsley. Snails are similarly appreciated in other Italian regions, such as Sardinia.

Pictures taken By Spera Gerardo at Pomarico (Italy), text by:

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Henry | Mobile Phone News Friday, 19 September, 2008  

These are interesting looking snails! In the UK, they are much more dark and disggusting looking. These white snails look like more pleasant and dare I say it - more edible!

Frame Set Friday, 19 September, 2008  

In fact, cooked are very good!
Do you want the recipe?
Greetings from ITALY!

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Hello everyone and welcome in my photoblog. The photos are all taken in italy and specifically in basilicata. My small town called POMARICO is located in the province of Matera, ITALY. Good Vision! Dino.

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